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Horse You See on PBS

Dear Friends: Thanks to you, we did it! We won the first PBS Online Film Festival thanks to your vote! Right now it still seems a little unreal, so we don't have a lot to say, but please watch the movie on PBS Online, where you can find all films from the festival, interviews with the filmmakers, and more. Spread the word!


Ya’at’eeh, shi’kis!

Hello, friend! This is the home of Red Ant Films, makers of Run Red Walk (2011), Horse You See (2008, remastered 2010), and the upcoming A History of Navajo Wool: As Told by BaaBaa (expected in 2013).

Since 2003, we have created small independent films that reflect our values and our vision. We believe that true cultural diversity requires that some media production exists outside the industry, in the hands of the people, and we work to fulfill that idea.

We are currently working on a series of films in Diné bizaad (the Navajo language) which we hope will delight audiences as well as help in the effort to keep our mother tongue alive for generations to come.

Our aspiration for them is thay they evoke the beauty and magic of Dinétah —the land of the Navajo people— through works of imagination.

as the caption below says:

Red Dog. Film still from Run Red Walk (2011).

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Horse You See Wins People's Choice on PBS

Watch the winner of the first PBS Online Film Festival and read an interview with the filmmakers. On the PBS website.

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